Bigger room, bigger sound

This wireless speaker brings you to a whole new level of sensations.

The powerful Playink 6 combines maximum power and connectivity for the ultimate audio experience. Surround yourself with sound. Speakers fill any room of your home with exceptional sound.So choose the music that suits your moment, room by room, and let the HiFi sound flow through you.

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  • Audio specs
  • Product specs

Multi-Channels Speakers

  • 1x extended range woofer in bass reflex system for an improved low frequency restitution
  • 2x high-performance mid-range/tweeters for a clear restitution of the mid frequencies


  • High Power Class-D digital amplifier with DSP (Digital Signal Processing)

Stereo Mode

  • Assign two PlayLink-6 speakers to be respectively a left/right channel

Offset drivers

  • 6° angle shift from speaker axis to improve stereo effect

Party Mode

  • Connect different PlayLink devices simultaneously on the same network


  • Create multiple audio zones and control from different devices (tablets or smartphones).


  • Manage directly from your mobile device via user friendly app

Internet Radio

  • AllPlay™ Radio powered by Tune In allows unlimited access to over 70,000 stations worldwide

Audio Files

  • Support and decoding of the most widely-available audio files (AIFF, WAV, M4A, MP3, FLAC, AAC, ALAC)
  • Real-High resolution audio support up to 192 Khz and 24-bit output


  • WiFi to home router gateway
  • WiFi direct to mobile device
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • Aux In (3.5mm stereo analog input)


  • Qualcomm® AllPlay™ Smart Audio Module
  • Dual band a/b/g/n 2.4 GHz and 5GHz WiFi
  • Press the Quick-Connect button on your PlayLink speaker for an automatic link with router by using the WPS protocol


  • DLNA compatible


  • 280 x 124 x 172 mm

Control and Operation

  • 4 buttons and one LED give access to main speaker functions
  • Stand-by/ON power key and Volume +/- keys
  • Mode key (Wifi/BT/AUX)
  • Multi-color LED indicator


  • Qualcomm® AllPlay™ Smart Audio module
  • Interoperability between all the AllPlay tm devices