Music just the way
you like it

Any song, any room, any time. Playlink lets you enjoy your music like never before, all from the palm of your hand. Press play.

For any room and any mood

The Playlink Range offers a wireless musical experience with exceptional sound quality. Mellow or cheerful? Link your music to your mood. One speaker in each room, one step at a time. Expand your collection for a sound experience like no other.


From the livingroom to the garden

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Bigger room, bigger sound

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Music in
Every room

Play the music you love from the bedroom to the garden. Choose one song for one room, combine rooms or stream music in your whole house. Multi-room, multi-music, multi-mood. It’s your choice.

Choose your music style

How does it work?
in the living in the living in the kitchen on terrasse in the bedroom

Control your musical environment From any device

(Android Compatible) (IOS Compatible)

Experience a new level of control over your musical environment.
Stream all you like. Millions of songs are at your fingertips.

With the PlayLink Application, you have the whole world’s music in your hands. PlayLink lets you control your listening experience via one simple app – using your smartphone or your tablet. Feel the ease.

  • Your library
  • Your favorite streaming services
  • Internet radio
A new listening experience

Millions of songs, at your fingertips

Music heaven on earth. Stream all the music in the world, where and when you want. Tune into internet radio and all available streaming services of your choice. Millions of songs are at your fingertips.