Let the music
Move you

FILL your home

Take control of your listening experience on the move. This easy-to-use app via your smartphone or your tablet (compatible with android and IOS) lets you take your music on the go. No skips, delays or drops. Perfect sync in every room. Press play. Choose a song, search for your favorite artists, then play, pause, rewind, fast-forward. All it takes is a touch.

Millions of songs, at your fingertips

Music heaven on earth. Stream all the music in the world, where and when you want. Tune into internet radio and all available streaming services of your choice. Millions of songs are at your fingertips.

Your music library
and your network

With PlayLink, access your music library and the entire digital collection you already have in your network. With our system, nothing is lost. Add, update, share.

High Resolution Audio Files

The PlayLink range has been designed to support high-resolution ‘lossless’ audio files, the new standard in the coming years (up to 24 bit and 192 Khz). With lossless audio, sound quality will closely replicate that produced in music studios. Are you ready to experience something new?

Original analog CD Audio High resolution