Music in
Every room

Choose one song for one room, combine rooms or stream music in your whole house. Multi-room, multi-music, multi-mood. It’s your choice.

Choose your music style

in the living in the living in the kitchen on terrasse in the bedroom

Control your musical environment
From any device

With the PlayLink Application, you have the whole world’s music in your hands. PlayLink lets you control your listening experience via one simple app – using your smartphone or your tablet. It’s easy to use. Feel the ease.

  • Your library
  • Your favorite streaming services
  • Internet radio


Even better, this system is simple to set up. Plug, Pair and Play. Enjoy the ease of the PlayLink system.

EASY TO SET UP, EASY TO USE Easy to set up Connect to your
home router
Enjoy your new musical

Even more

One speaker in each room, one step at a time. Connect to your own speakers, and over time, expand your collection for a sound experience like no other. Combine two speakers, create a powerful stereo mode and fill your home with superior sound. Press play.

Connect to Bluetooth®

Bluetooth is another fast alternative for connecting to devices not equipped for WiFi. The PlayLink range is also compatible with NFC-enabled devices. Music can be played instantly from just one touch between two devices.

Enter the new world
Of connectivity

Today, we’re redefining a new digital audio dimension. Using the multi-brand AllPlay (smart media platform part of the Qualcomm ecosystem), PlayLink speakers are part of the connected house of tomorrow. Let’s move forward together towards the house of the future.